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Mix2Minion is a software suite that lets you send and receive very anonymous mail.

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Operating System: Windows (all versions).

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The Xandra International Freedom Association is a non-party group whose objective is the defence and extension of individual freedom against unnecessary control.

Anonymity on the Internet!!!

There are many reasons one may want to protect their real identity. Put simply you have a right to privacy and anonymity as long as you use those rights ethically and responsibly. You may want to protect yourself from an oppressive government, Send something to a journalist, Communicate with a self-help organization, or just want to post all those politically incorrect thoughts.

Xandra Anonymous Remailer - Cypherpunk & Mixmaster Remailer

Send a totally anonymous email using Xandra Freedom Anonymous Remailer. The recipient will receive your message which will appear to have come from " "

Your message will be sent through the anonymous cypherpunk/mixmaster remailer system. This means that nothing will be left in the headers of the message to identify where the message came from, and it will be remailed through several other remailers before it gets to its destination. It usually takes half a day for the message to get to its recipient.


Xandra remailer can give you complete privacy in your email and newsgroup postings.


Remailers -- a Higher Level of Anonymity In all previous attempts to email anonymously, we still had something (an email address, a server name,...) if not in the From: field then at least somewhere in the header that could be traced back to us. At least our Internet service provider, at least the provider of our free Web-based email account knew who and were we are (do they?). They could be forced (by law) to tell our proper names.What Remailers Do Remailers don't do much. But what they do is effective. Remailers forward any message to any recipient specified. In doing so, and this is what counts, they remove all information that could lead to the original sender. Practically, in its purest and simplest incarnation, that means a remailer will remove all header lines of the message. Without any header fields it proves extremely difficult to follow an email's path. If two or more anonymous remailers are put in a chain, nobody can reveal your true name or whereabouts, simply because they have no idea. Cypherpunk remailers are more simple and easier to use, Mixmaster remailers are more involved, more secure, but more difficult to use. We will begin our tour of using remailers with the most simple yet most often used form: sending an anonymous email via a Cypherpunk remailer. Quick and Easy: Cypherpunk Message Format Remailers are used to send anonymous email. To send mail, send a remail request to the remailer. The message in your remail request will be sent anonymously to the address you specify. All original email headers are removed, and the origin of the message is unknown to the recipient. The simplest kind of remail request is Cypherpunk. Cypherpunk remail requests may be created using any standard email client. (If your client uses MIME, be sure MIME encoding is turned off, or your message may be discarded.) The following shows the basic format of a Cypherpunk remail request for the quick use of the Xandra Remailer. Anonymous, privacy,

The Xandra Remailer System is owned and operated outside the United States.

Xandra remailer providing freedom of speech to those without it...


Note: The Xandra Anonymous Remailer Server allows sending anonymous email messages to any Top-Level Domains as for example: .edu, .int, .gov, .mil or any other worldwide.

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